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Integrated Digital Platform


Learning Analytics

Reinforce learning by taking a closer look at how your young learner is progressing through the program with real-time analytics from several data inputs that are easily accessible and conveniently displayed for parents.


Quickly review a learner’s English learning progress across the program.

Daily Metrics

Insights to manage learner’s progress and make data-informed decisions.


Learner’s earn achievements along the way. Review, and let them know how great they are doing!


Review extensive details about words learned and prioritize words to be rescheduled.

Performance Snapshot

The KidsLoop Learning Path provides a snapshot of core learning analytics.


Revisit your learner’s proficiency levels, and prioritize words to be rescheduled based on the results.

Language Analysis

Take a deeper dive into a learner’s language-learning and view advanced reports. Gain insights and review predictions based on a learner’s progress completing activities that require them to read, listen, write, and speak.

Listening Analysis

Zero in on the mechanics of learning a second language. Preview a learner’s progress centered around their ability to produce meaning and understanding after hearing words with phonematic sounds.

Vocabulary Size

Vocabulary Size: Strength of vocabulary is the most important metric to track for any young learner and we provide this information easily at your fingertips!

Prewriting Analysis

Embark on valuable data and reports centered around the beginning stages of a young learner’s encoding skills.

Speech Analysis

Access reports that analyze a learner’s decoding skills. Accuracy scores are calculated for each keyword so parents and teachers can easily provide a personalized learning experience.

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