Learning Management System

Optimize learning
through technology

KidsLoop Learning Management System (LMS) is an integrated education platform that provides personalized learning recommendations and advanced curriculum management tools. Parents and teachers can use the KidsLoop LMS to receive in-depth analytic reports, personalized recommendations, and use adaptive learning tools for their children.


Provides advanced reports for a better understanding of learners’ progress


Provides a detailed overview of how the class is doing for improved instruction


Helps organizations easily view useful analytics and insightful tips regarding their performance


Communicate with teachers through KidsLoop social feed to stay engaged in your child’s learning. Access personalized data analysis for your child. Enjoy multiple inputs through integration with KidsLoop CMS and learning applications.

Utilize powerful classroom tools such as attendance recording and learning outcome assessments. Receive smart recommendations about your learners to remediate weaknesses and develop strengths.

Leverage our organizational toolkit to optimize business operations. Gain useful analytics and insightful tips regarding your organization’s performance.