Transforming Early Years Education Through Data

Bringing teachers, parents, and students together to provide new insights
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What makes us unique?

We engage learners in every situation.

  • Remote. Interactive. Fun!

    Put students in control of the action with in-person, interactive, and remote classrooms.

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  • Empower classroom learning!

    Grant teachers the tools they need to amaze learners with content they love!

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  • A user-friendly, data-light, mobile application

    Follow up on in-class learning with engaging, exciting, self-driven activities.

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  • Run your school your way.

    We bring you the tools you need to seamlessly manage your school or oganization. Inuitive scheduling, customizable assessments, and data-driven reporting modules give you the flexibility you need.

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  • Take your curriculum digital!

    Our easy-to-use CMS offers thousands of interactive templates, giving you the power to bring your curriculum online.

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  • Secure. Dynamic. Adaptive.

    Our proprietary algorithms promise personalized learning solutions with the latest standards in data protection that guarantee your security.

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Why do educators choose to publish their content with us?

Intuitive content authoring tools easily digitize analog curriculum!

Bring your curriculum online and make it interactive with 1,000+ templates to offer your students the most engaging experience possible.

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