Transforming Early Years Education Through Data

Bringing teachers, parents, and students together to provide new insights into learning.

All-in-one education solution, KidsLoop!

For teachers, students, and parents, KidsLoop is the perfect all-in-one educational platform!

What makes us unique?

We engage learners in every situation.

  • Remote. Interactive. Fun!

    Put students in control of the action with in-person, interactive, and remote classrooms.

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  • Empower classroom learning!

    Grant teachers the tools they need to amaze learners with content they love!

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  • A user-friendly, data-light, mobile application

    Follow up on in-class learning with engaging self-driven activities.

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  • Run your school your way

    We bring you the tools you need to seamlessly manage your school or organization. Intuitive scheduling, customizable assessments, and data-driven reporting modules give you the flexibility you need.

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  • Take your curriculum digital!

    Our easy-to-use CMS offers thousands of interactive templates, giving you the power to bring your curriculum online.

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  • Secure. Dynamic. Adaptive.

    Our proprietary algorithms promise personalized learning solutions with the latest standards in data protection that guarantee your security.

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Why do educators choose us?

Intuitive content authoring tools to easily digitize analog curriculum!

Bring your curriculum online and make it interactive with 1,000+ templates to offer your students the most engaging experience possible.

Digital Rights Management

End-to-end Safety

Secure the delivery of your digital materials right when they are uploaded to KidsLoop.


Your content is encrypted when it’s transferred and when it’s stored on our servers.


We apply DRM based on the format of the uploaded content.


Contents are only decrypted and displayed on the authorized device. We apply additional protections in our software to deter copying or capturing content.

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