Learning Management System

Advanced Management Tools | KidsLoop Learning Management System offers organizations the advanced enterprise management tools they need to create a more effective learning environment.

Cloud-based SaaS

Organization Management

User Access Control

Data Privacy

Mobile / Tablet Ready

KidsLoop CMS Integration

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Content Management System

Content Modularity | KidsLoop Content Management System (CMS) is an integrated digital classroom solution for early education providers featuring rich modular content templates with media publishing tools, and virtual classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards and activities.

Content Modularity

Interactive Whiteboard

Integrated Content Library

Publishing Tools

Mobile / Tablet Ready

HD Audio & Video

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Home Learning

Enjoy Learning English | Badanamu ESL™ app is the perfect home learning platform that features Badanamu’s structured English language learning apps* categorized into easy to understand program levels with various songs, books, and interactive activities.

Badanamu ESL™ app

Digital Classroom

Connected Learning | We provide the tools and infrastructure for teachers to give instruction efficiently and collaboratively. Teachers can reach learners remotely, and cameras help teachers assess the safety, engagement, and development of each class.

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Our Customers

Home Learning

We build customized learning applications and offer a suite of Badanamu ESL applications that extend learning to the home. These engaging applications give young learners a head start on learning.

Private Learning Institutions

We help companies integrate and digitalize their existing curriculum. In addition, our comprehensive ESL program can be used for preschool-aged students, after-school programs for remedial or enrichment classes, and intensive summer or winter programs.

Preschools & Kindergartens

KidsLoop offers teachers the flexibility to create and upload their own lesson plans or access a shared pool of learning resources, making preparation and teaching lessons easy.

Government & CSR

We work with governments on CSR projects to bring our cutting-edge technology and engaging curriculum into the classrooms and homes of young learners worldwide.