Badanamu ESL™ is a digital learning platform that delivers supplementary activities to the Badanamu ESL Program.

Download on your favorite android or iOS device and create an account today to get started. To access all the content in the application purchase a monthly or yearly Learning Pass. 

The Badanamu ESL™ application will help young learners develop their English skills whenever and wherever they are. After purchasing your access pass, use your device to play, listen, sing, and learn with your child or student.

Both monthly and yearly subscriptions are available.
Monthly subscription: $5.99  
Yearly subscription: $39.99
*All prices are in USD.

The application requires a minimum of 170 MB to download and get started.
In-app downloads will be required to access additional content.

You may access the applications without an internet connection. An internet connection is required to download, log in to your account, and access your purchased content. Once logged in, you may use your account without an internet connection. If you log out of your account while offline, you must log in again with an internet connection.
Our educational curriculum is suitable for children ages 2 to 8 years old. Badanamu recommends up to 30 minutes of daily study with the Badanamu ESL™ program and no more than 60 minutes of total screen time per day for young learners.

The Badanamu ESL™ application is available on Google Play and the App Store. Please search for “Badanamu ESL” on either store to download the applications.


The Badanamu ESL™ application is a part of the Badanamu ESL™ curriculum which has been approved by the Calm Island ESL Advisory Board and is aligned with the TESOL PreK-12 English Language Proficiency Standards.

The Badanamu ESL™ curriculum is a comprehensive learning curriculum specifically designed for learners of English as a second or foreign language. It targets skills such as vocabulary, listening, and speaking in addition to literacy. Jolly Phonics and Letterland are both literacy programs that target a specific skill rather than a specific group of learners.

Our educational philosophy is that learning should be both active and emotionally engaging. Our method allows children to engage emotionally while activating the child’s entire brain during play. This allows them to learn more effectively, deeply, and happily.
Bada Rhyme 1 is the first program in our ESL curriculum. It is designed for learners that have had no prior exposure to English or have had limited English instruction.
The levels in our curriculum are aligned with the stages of second language acquisition and are designed to target different skills and learning objectives.

While it is up to you which program to utilize, we generally recommend going through the curriculum in its entirety. If your learner already knows what is being taught, there is no harm in using the application to reinforce learning. Also, it can help to fill in any learning gaps that may be present.

Children learn a second language differently than their native language. However, native speakers of English can use the app either as an enrichment application for young learners or as a remedial program for those learners that need to bridge any gaps in their learning.

English is made up of individual letters that blend together to make different words. Phonics instruction teaches learners how to decode words, which gives them the ability to understand words that may be unfamiliar to them.

Most of the words in the English language are words that do not follow the rules of phonics and cannot be sounded out. Thus, it is important for these words to be recognized immediately on sight. In addition, words that are decodable with the rules of phonics will eventually need to be recognized on sight if readers want to improve their reading fluency.

As a general rule, once your learner understands the rules of phonics and develops a good sight word base, you will start to see them read independently. This does not mean they can read with perfect fluency. Fluency is something that has to be worked on over time and with practice.

It is generally recommended that children 2 years old and above do not exceed 60 minutes of screen time a day. In addition, it is extremely important that the content children consume are educational, interactive, and appropriate for young learners.


It is free to download and install the app. It is also free to try our sample lessons. However, an account must be created to purchase and access the full features and curriculum. Please see our pricing within our purchasing section on our landing page for more details.

Free sample lessons are available without an account. However, to access the full features and curriculum, an account must be made and a pass must be purchased. This will allow you to log in with full access. Please see our pricing within our purchasing menu on our landing page to select your plan. 

A Badanamu account is required to save your data and purchasing information. After creating your Badanamu account, you will receive a verification email and then welcome email.

Yes, download the application to your device to get started right away. Receive your confirmation email and log in to your account through the applications to access the learning content.

Yes, just reinstall the app, select the “Restore” option in settings, and follow the instructions provided on the screen.

Yes. You can restore your purchased content on multiple devices as long as they share the same operating system (iOS or Android) and user account (Apple or Google). Please select the “Restore” option in our purchase section and follow the instructions provided on the screen. There is no additional cost for restoring your purchased content.

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