KidsLoop Ecosystem

Leverage technology to
enhance learning and care

The KidsLoop Ecosystem seeks to become the education hub of tomorrow through multifaceted technical and educational standards, integrations, and solutions.

KidsLoop Adaptive Learning Solution

The KidsLoop Adaptive Learning Solution can be applied in various focused ways with our content and based on the needs of our clients. Through our solution, third-party IP owners can leverage our proven educational structure and dynamically present a wide range of videos and content.


This solution will increase the learning efficacy of every young learner as they embark on their English learning experience. It’s important that young learners find joy in learning, and it’s equally important that parents know that our products are designed and presented with care. Our solution enables our thoughtful and continuous development of content, valuable research, and ensures our service is the best in the market.

KidsLoop Benchmark

The KidsLoop Benchmark will become an educational standard by which all third-party curriculum integration must abide by so parents can be confident that all digital learning products meet our robust, structured educational standards.

KidsLoop Protocol

The KidsLoop Protocol will create a technical standard for seamless classroom hardware integration to collect data such as room temperature and air quality. With this data, parents can verify that their child is receiving high levels of care in the classroom.

KidsLoop Store

The KidsLoop Store will connect content and IP providers with customers around the world to create value and convenience for both education providers and consumers.

KidsLoop Library

The KidsLoop Library will create the foundation upon which third-party IP owners, publishers, and creators can utilize the network effect of the KidsLoop Ecosystem to reach new clients and markets.