Digital Rights Management

Secure the delivery of your digital materials right when they are uploaded to KidsLoop.

Audio & Video

With the help of the HTTP Live Streaming protocol, we support the playback of streamed DRM contents. At this time, we support Google Chrome (Widevine®), Mozilla Firefox (Widevine®), Microsoft Edge (PlayReady®), and Apple Safari (FairPlay).


We created proprietary software to apply forensic watermarking1 in the images. In certain image assets, we also embed micro 2D barcode “session-based” watermarks. These marks help us pinpoint offenders and allow us to take action.

PDF & Rich Text

To limit the ability of users to copy the text from their browsers, we remove the functionality to select, copy text, and take screenshots on Android devices*. We also obfuscate the code that is served to the user to deter copying or changing the functionality of web pages.

How it works

Upload materials

Securely upload content through our SSL-encrypted web page. 

Apply DRM

Our server recognizes the format of the materials and applies the proper DRM described above. Also, we process all materials so they are pixel-perfect on most devices!

Unlock during playback

Content is only unlocked when streamed or downloaded to an authorized device. Content can be played online or offline with DRM still applied.

* Apple does not allow us to disable screen capture at this time.
1. Piva, Alessandro & Barni, Mauro & Bartolini, F. & Cappellini, V.. (1997). DCT-based watermark recovering without resorting to the uncorruptedoriginal image. IEEE International Conference on Image Processing. 1. 520-523 vol.1. 10.1109/ICIP.1997.647964.

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