Engage young minds through their senses for a fully interactive experience!

Learning English has never been so fun!

Badanamu ESL is a scaffolded curriculum with 250+ lessons and 1,000+ activities across 5 levels.

*Appropriate for ages 2-6

  • Learn basic English and gain language exposure through classic nursery rhymes!

    Children take their first steps in cognitive, linguistic, social, and sensory-motor education.

  • Develop basic vocabulary and phonics through games and stories.

    Children learn foundational skills by building up their vocabulary, phonological skills, oral language, and gross and fine motor skills.

  • Discover how to express oneself with everyday vocabulary through stories.

    Children learn vocabulary in context with child-centered themes.

  • Learn phonics by building symbol imagery.

    Children learn to understand the relationship between the letters and sounds of English.

  • Explore emotionally engaging stories that bring reading to life.

    Children focus on building reading fluency and comprehension through emotionally engaging, narrative stories.

Opening the door to the world of mathematics!

Bada Math is a multi-stage, scaffolded curriculum with 64 lessons and 100+ interactive activities.

*Appropriate for ages 2-6

An engaging scientific adventure!

Explore our comprehensive science offerings through 48 interactive lessons and 100+ supplemental activities!

*Appropriate for ages 2-8

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