Classroom Environment

IoT-Assisted Learning & Care

The KidsLoop ecosystem utilizes IoT health devices for children’s health care. The Bluetooth gateway connects all the devices to our system.

What makes a classroom a KidsLoop Classroom?

Digital Sensors

KidsLoop 2D / 3D cameras utilize Behavior Signature Technology for attendance & development profiling1.

2D cameras help take attendance and ensure the accuracy of connected health devices in the classroom.


Hikvision® DS-2CD2132F-I shown. Device may vary.

3D cameras analyze learners’ gross motor skill development in correlation with their academic performance.


Intel® RealSense™ D435 shown. Device may vary.

Classroom Environment

Connected devices manage optimal conditions for learning, health, and engagement.

IoT Devices

Devices such as wristbands, water bottles, and thermostats effectively monitor students’ location, classroom safety, and student well-being.

UV Lights

Ultraviolet disinfectant cleans classrooms effectively with minimal maintenance2

1. These cameras do not capture photos and are only used to gauge the learners’ engagement. We follow the rules and regulations of the jurisdiction in which the cameras are installed. Image-processing software pertaining to facial recognition, motion tracking, etc. may be switched off or disabled at the discretion of the organization or as applicable by regulation.

2. Katara, G & Hemvani, N & Chitnis, S & Chitnis, V & Chitnis, D. (2008). Surface disinfection by exposure to germicidal UV light. Indian journal of medical microbiology. 26. 241-2. 10.4103/0255-0857.42034.